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Alphabet Soup

I have a problem accepting limits, especially my personal limits. I have gotten much better about saying “no” when I am asked to do things that don’t fit into my life. However, I still take on too much. The problem is that I really want to do each of the things I am doing now. It just isn’t physically possible, but which one goes?

Unfortunately, more recently it has been my marriage. Partly, because marriage is really hard work. I am tired. I am stretched thin. I am fresh out of the energy it takes to nurture a relationship. But it is also, partly, because I truly do know he’ll always love me anyway.

I’m trying to force myself out of the rut. I want to recapture the love that we shared, rather than continue to be roommates. We started this alphabet dating thing recently that I’m hoping will be helpful.

The idea is to come up with something more creative for a date that dinner and a movie. The only rule is movies don’t count. It has to be something that allows us to connect, rather than sit side by side ignoring each other. We had a couple evenings out, sponsored by the letters A & B. Our first 2 dates were pretty much dinner and, uh, now what? (Quick—think of a dessert that starts with a B!) From now on, the dates will be planned in advance so I guess I just created a second rule. We make things up as we go along.

Next up is C (duh) and we’re trying something a little different. We need to squeeze in 2 dates before E since we have a full weekend planned for our anniversary over Labor Day. Baby-sitters are a bit hard to come by so we’re skipping that part for our next date of campfire & creamsicles. We have everything we need for a date in our own backyard. Now we just need the girls to go to bed on time for once and the weather to cooperate.

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