Just Heather
Someday Is Here

Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, carpool…Life is often about to-do lists and mundane tasks, but everyone has another list. A list in the back of their minds of things they would do someday, if only they had the time. Or, if money weren’t so tight. Or, when the kids get older. Yet, someday never comes. The excuses continue, and the things on our most important list never get accomplished.

What if we all took the time to make a list? Write down the 40×40“>40 things you want to do before you turn 40. Come up with 50 fun things to do before the kids go back to school. Write down 25 creative dates for you and your significant other. It is a to-do list of things you’ll actually enjoy.

Life is passing us by while we make the list of chores and obligations. I am excited to announce the launch of my latest project! Someday I Want is about experiences, not tasks. This site is permission to think about your own personal to-do list. Write down the things you’ve always wanted to do and start crossing them off. We’ll be there, encouraging you along the way.

At Someday I Want, you have the opportunity to connect with others who share your dreams. Pair your talents, skills and resources with those who need your help to attain their life goals. Learn about people who have already accomplished things you’ve always wanted to try. Make a list, make some friends and start making memories.

It’s your life and it’s time to enjoy it, one list at a time.