Just Heather
Misplacing My Marbles

I have not actually lost my marbles; they’re just elsewhere today.  In the middle of full time with my girls for the next 10 weeks, I’m sharing the low down on my Kid Emergency Kit with Mom’s Marbles.  This is no first aid kit, though that is also needed for our summer of fun.  My kit also includes gems like batteries for the camera so you never miss a moment of cuteness.

I’m also sharing more about our summer plans and success at Nina’s Playground for Parents. Read all about our summer at Mom’s Marbles and Playground for Parents where I’m guest posting today.  I suppose it’s possible you’ve already been there and that’s why you’re here.  In that case, you can learn more about me over there on the left, just under the cute, skinny animated Heather my hubby made for me.  If you’re just visiting today, drop me a comment.  I’ll be thrilled to meet you.