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Blogging Like It’s My Job

I have been blogging for several years. The blog world has grown and changed around me. My reasons for blogging and what I’ve taken from it has also changed over the years. When I first started, it was a medium for adult conversation. Over time, it became a journal of sorts for my girls. Along the way, I found a few Hoosier bloggers and began to take my blog connections offline. When I relaunched this blog a few months ago, it was with my professional image in the back of my mind.

My professional self launched a new business earlier this week. While FeedIndy was all me, Inexpensively connects a network of frugal bloggers. When bloggers contact me in hopes of joining the network, the interview process includes reading their blog and following them on Twitter for several weeks. Yes, that’s right, I read blogs as my job! This also means that blog conventions become real and actual business conferences.

I’m attending BlogHer ’09 next week (well, it’s LobbyCon because I didn’t get my tickets ordered on time!). I’m looking forward to actually meeting some of the bloggers I’ve “known” for years. I’m also terrified of meeting people. I’m stressing over what to wear, who I’ll meet (Tim Gunn—ack!) and how I’ll remain standing on heels all day long. That’s my irrational, paranoid side. The rest of me is just plain excited. Just a few weeks after BlogHer, I’m attending a local conference. I’m even more nervous about this one.

At BlogIndiana, I have a real opportunity to make connections with fellow Hoosiers. I’m also speaking at BlogIndiana—I’ll be on the Foodie Panel for Saturday’s Social Media Summit. I’ll probably be the pickiest eater on the panel, but it’s exciting to be able to share the concept of doing whatever you do, inexpensively. People mistakenly assume you can only save money at the grocery store if you buy junk, but it just isn’t true. That’s the perspective I’m bringing to the panel, but I’m still a bit worried about being the least foodie person in the room.

I’m less worried about my shoes for Blog Indiana, though. I don’t think it will be quite the focus.

Update: I am now on two panels for Blog Indiana. They have added a Mommy Blogger panel that has me very excited! In honor of the addition to Saturday’s Social Media Summit, I have a special coupon code for you! Enter momblogsrock at the checkout to save 20% off your ticket purchase.

Blog Indiana 2009 countdown!

8 Responses to “Blogging Like It’s My Job”

  1. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of attending Blogher for a couple of years. Maybe next year. Oh, right, I need to start blogging again first! LOL. I have heard that Blogher is really about fashion. That kind of deflates the purpose, doesn’t it? Reading this makes me miss public speaking! I did the eldercare conference circuit for almost ten years (sigh).

  2. Look at you blogging like it’s your job!! Love it. Can’t wait to hear about BlogHer…and BlogIndiana intrigues me. Not enough to pay to go, but intrigues me nonetheless!

  3. OK, seeing that I don’t blog as a business or for a business, just as a hobby, what would I gain by going to Blog Indiana?

    I want someone to convince me to go, because the conference really seems geared to people who do this for a living (ie, Not Me). It’d be convenient if someone convinced me TODAY, since that’s when the early-bird pricing ends 😉

  4. OK, Twitter people are inching me toward going. In the spirit of Inexpensively… I found a coupon code ‘youronlinelife’ for 20% off tickets

  5. I just got an exclusive code I can post here – getting ready to update but it’s momblogsrock and is good for 20% off your ticket also!

  6. I love that you do the networking thing!! I’ve had a few folks ask if I’d go to BlogHer but… maybe next year. Doesn’t feel righ t this year when I’ve not even been blogging for a year yet!!