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And now, the exciting conclusion of…

Red Chair Confessions.

I’ve been watching these for a few weeks now. I was pretty sure Erika was right and the company behind the videos would turn out to be a store, but I didn’t have any specific names in mind. However, when I heard the advertiser was Talbots, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. It was almost like I already knew—maybe it had something to do with the red.

The campaign is the store’s effort to promote a new, modern, more youthful image. “It’s not your mom’s store anymore.” Of course, the cynical part of me thinks that’s because I’m about my mother’s age when I first heard of Talbots. Either way, I like that they are making an effort to be more affordable. We all know that’s my forte.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised? Do you think they’ll be successful at marketing to the next generation of stylish women? I’m the world’s greatest candidate for What Not to Wear so I’m not a very good judge. I do enjoy a site that puts together outfits for you, though. Check out their new line and let me know if there is something you just have to have!