Just Heather
Is It Naptime Yet?

6:55am Alarm sounds; I turn it off—oops! It’s been a long weekend.
7:15am Stacia comes in hacking, gagging and sporting a fever. I decide not to wake the other girls.
7:25am Brenia comes in coughing, sporting flushed cheeks and refusing to let me take her temp because she is “feeling totally fine!” and begging to go to school.
8:15am Girls are eating cereal for breakfast. Thank goodness Rice Chex are now gluten free.
8:48am Brenia still begging to go to school; Lorelai finally awake. She appears healthy. Finally.
9:05am Lorelai decides to pour herself a bowl of cereal. It overflows.
9:15am We are finished cleaning the milk & cereal mess.
9:20am Lorelai is now drinking cereal & milk. From a cup. Whatever. It’s probably less messy that way.
10:30am Lorelai draws a picture in blue crayon. On the floor. For real. It coordinates nicely with the green mural on our wall.
10:45am Blue crayon man appears to be mostly gone from the floor. A magic eraser should take care of the rest.
11:30am Brenia announces she’ll be making lunch today. Considering all the T-day leftovers we sill have, I decide she can handle that.
11:45am Brenia sits down on the couch to watch television.
12:00pm It occurs to me that this is not the work of someone fixing lunch. She says, “Lorelai is doing it.”
12:01pm My kitchen is covered in cranberry, mashed potatoes and cereal. I have no idea how there is any cereal left to make messes.
12:15pm The floor is swept, the table is scrubbed, lunch is in the microwave and I am wearing food I didn’t eat.

This brings us to lunch and nap/quiet time. Now that it is over, I’m slightly afraid of what havoc they will reek next. Well, not they, actually. When I tweeted a bit about my morning the hubby asked what was up. I said simply, “Lorelai.” I’m often asked how I can ever get mad at someone so cute. Sure, she’s adorable.

Except when she’s not.