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Finding My Bliss

So amazing to finally meet my online friend Mindy. We've 'known' one another since Al Gore invented the internet. Huge thanks to Moosh in Indy for the pic.

I have been to a lot of business conferences in my time, and several blogging conferences over the last year, but last week was by far my favorite! Someone described it as a big family reunion, and that just about sums it up for me. It was awesome to touch base with friends, amazing to finally real life hug blog friends and tons of fun meeting new ones. I hesitate to name names because I know I will forget someone. There were tons of seriously fabulous gals at Blissdom. It was truly like a big ol’ reunion, and I’m thrilled to finally know so many of the amazing bloggers who inspire me.

Southern Fairy Tale and Moosh in Indy

It’s going to take me all week to catch up and follow the great women I fell in love with at Blissdom, but I wasted no time unfollowing those who had the opposite effect. I was really struck by how very little respect some bloggers have for others. I don’t know why I’m always surprised to find people like that. It was a teeny, tiny percentage of the women at the conference, of course. Instead of letting them ruin it for me, I choose to take another perspective. My stream is now full only of tweets & tweeps that fill me with bliss. Everyone else must go.

My roomie, Angie from Just Like the Number

Taking charge of my own bliss was my big take home from the entire event! I love a conference like this because there is no pressure or stress to cram in a ton of expertise. It’s simply women learning from other women. The sessions were spot on for me—I had such a hard time choosing between the business & writing track each hour. One of the things I always do to keep myself focused at a conference is narrow down my notes to a single action item at the end of each workshop. It’s nice to come home with a list of very specific to-do items rather than be overwhelmed with notes & lists. I live blogged each session so I can go back to re-experience them once I’ve gotten through my first round of action items.

Real life hugs from Alli! (Photo by Alli, via Whrrl)

I’m going to be streamlining how I do things. The balance session was incredibly helpful—especially now that I write for 5 different sites. I have tons of new ideas for Inexpensively. (And, I was so, very thrilled to spend some time with the team this weekend—Renae & Amee, Holly, Cherie and Melissa all made the trip too!) There’s a lot I want to accomplish this week, and more I’m being realistic about putting on the back burner. Step one—regain control of my calendar. The hubby and I have now scheduled a weekly meeting to touch base on the family calendar, our budget, paperwork and my writing schedule.

Because I am determined to find my bliss!

5 Responses to “Finding My Bliss”

  1. YAY!
    and GIRL I love that pic of Moosh and Me! PLEASE tell me that you put it in our Blissdom Flickr Pool because I must have it!

    You are a joy. You are vibrant and joyful and infectiously adorable! I am SO SO SO thrilled to have met you!!!!

  2. Had a blast with you, roomie! I say we make a road trip up to Canada and get our bliss on up there!

  3. The best part of this is that you’re all mine.
    Just down the road.