Just Heather

Thirteen years ago today, I said, “I do.” Earlier this year, I did it again. Each wedding meant something big to me, but anniversaries? I’m not really the type.

I’m not the girl who remembers the day of our first kiss. I couldn’t tell you the night of our first date. I can’t recall the date he proposed. What I remember are the feelings—the giddy, butterflies-in-your-stomach, never going to forget this moment feelings.

The dates are fleeting in my memory, but, the wedding date? Well, I wrote it down. And, so we celebrate year after year—it’s nice to mark the time and know we’re still making it. He’s still the one. We’re beating the odds. And, we’d do it all over again.

Usually, though, we celebrate on a weekend surrounding our wedding. This year, we’re booked until October. So, when I realized how much free time I was going to have now that Lorelai is in preschool, I suggested a morning date after dropping the girls at school.

I thought we could turn it in to our Letter M alphabet date, originally slated to be an afternoon at museums, but with 3 kids we’re nothing, if not flexible. I pictured a leisurely morning in bed, content just to snuggle in the peace & quiet, a walk through our small town & an early lunch at a quiet cafe before preschool pickup.

He pictured something else entirely. I think the biggest problem, there, is I didn’t let him know what I had in mind. So, when he rushed me to get ready, brushed past me without commentary on the care I took to get ready and told me we had to hurry so he could get to work, he didn’t understand why I was upset.

We parked in front of a local diner and tried to talk it out, but a whole mess of other stuff managed to come up. I’m sure to passersby, we just looked like we were waiting for something. And, I think we usually are. We’re waiting for life to get easier. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for our thoughts & goals to just mesh.

Without a lot of thought or conversation about how we’re going to make that happen. So, our morning date was canceled in favor of talking. And tears. And more talking. We’ve still got a mess of stuff to figure out, but who doesn’t? We’ll just have to keep talking and figure it out.

Because we’ve still got half the alphabet to get through. Not to mention the rest of our lives. And, I’ll marry him again if I have to. Next time, I want the princess gown & a castle. Not that I’ve put a lot of thought into it or anything.

I added this one to my 40×40 list on a bit of a whim—it just sounded so idyllic. The sun setting on a gorgeous day at the beach. The waves lapping at your feet. The children enjoying our picnic lunch before building a sandcastle, flying kites or hunting for seashells…

I sort of didn’t think about the sand all over your picnic blanket. I didn’t consider the seagulls swarming nearby. And, I was clearly picturing someone else’s children—3 adorable blonds who didn’t fight, whine or sulk through every meal.

We did enjoy building a sandcastle, flying kites & hunting for seashells throughout our week at Myrtle Beach, but those are stories for another day. As for picnicking at the ocean? I’ve pretty much decided it’s no picnic—and I’m never doing it again.

But, at least I get to cross it off the list!

The Pacers.

The Colts.


The Brickyard.

I’ve done it (almost) all. And, when One2One Network offered to send my family and I to a Fever game, I got a step closer to attending every major sporting event in the Indianapolis area. (#27 on the list, if you’re counting.) It was the girls’ first experience at a game, in their memory anyway and all 3 loved it.

Yes, even Stacia who is usually way too cool for family night. Brenia was obsessed with the score—she didn’t just want to win; she wanted to see the Fever cross 100. I tried to tell her WNBA games tend to score lower than men’s, but she didn’t give up.

And, neither did the Fever. “The girls” just seem to play with more intensity. I wonder if it’s because they have more to prove…? I have been to no less than a dozen Pacer games over the years, but this was a completely different experience. Their final score was, indeed, 100. Brenia was beyond excited!

Even Lorelai did well at this event. She’s not really one to sit still, and I think taking her to a venue filled with excitement & noise was perfect. I thought she’d be over it once the cotton candy was gone, but we were in luck—in celebration of Freddy’s birthday, mascots from across Indiana showed up for fun & games.

We enjoyed the game, the mascot shows and our autograph session at the end. Tully Bevilaqua and Tamika Catchings were truly gracious. They spent time chatting with my girls, signed all of our shirts and I can’t wait to see them play again. There’s only a couple more weeks left in this season, but if you want to see them in action, One2One Network has a coupon code for you!

Buy one Fever ticket, get one free when you use coupon code WNBABLOG. The coupon code is also good for discounts with teams across the league—have fun!

I received a family pack of tickets through One2One Network to facilitate this review.