Just Heather
34. Picnic at the ocean.

I added this one to my 40×40 list on a bit of a whim—it just sounded so idyllic. The sun setting on a gorgeous day at the beach. The waves lapping at your feet. The children enjoying our picnic lunch before building a sandcastle, flying kites or hunting for seashells…

I sort of didn’t think about the sand all over your picnic blanket. I didn’t consider the seagulls swarming nearby. And, I was clearly picturing someone else’s children—3 adorable blonds who didn’t fight, whine or sulk through every meal.

We did enjoy building a sandcastle, flying kites & hunting for seashells throughout our week at Myrtle Beach, but those are stories for another day. As for picnicking at the ocean? I’ve pretty much decided it’s no picnic—and I’m never doing it again.

But, at least I get to cross it off the list!