Just Heather
11 Things to Do in 2011

I enjoyed last year’s 10 things to do in 2010, over traditional New Year’s resolutions. So, I wanted to come up with 11 this year. Duh. But I got so bogged down with a 13th birthday party, school stuff, work things and general busyness that everything else got shoved aside. Which is exactly why I need this list in the first place.

One thing we are doing this year is a monthly family fun day—we’re only a couple months in, but it’s a pretty big success! The girls are loving it, and I’m utilizing freebies & Groupon to keep it within budget. But, that’s not about me—and this is all about me.

Over my birthday weekend, I took a look at my 40×40 list—I’ve crossed off 15 items so far, blogged about 13 and made progress on 2-3 more. Next year, I turn 35. That puts me “halfway” to 40, since I started this list around age 30. I want to be halfway through my list, too. Which means I need to finish 5 items in the next 11 months and 26 days.

And, that puts me halfway to 10, so I’ll just round it out for 2011, even if we are a few months into the year already.

  1. Plan a monthly family fun activity—it doesn’t matter if the house is clean or the girls are good all week. Once each month? We do something together. Just the 5 of us.
  2. Get a tattoo. Kahuna plans to film this one, I believe, so it should provide some quality entertainment for everyone, while crossing off #3 on my list.
  3. Start roller blading again. This should go along nicely with my Mamavation efforts, cross off #6 on my list and help me work towards my weight loss goals for #4. Three birds, one stone. Or, something like that.
  4. Replace my VHS movies with DVD. I’ve got some Amazon certificates & birthday money to finally get #13 knocked off.
  5. Go to the Harvest Moon Festival. Every year, I say we should go to this festival in the next town. Every year, I say maybe next year. This marks year #10 for us living here and it’s #17 on my list, so I think it will be our October Family Fun event.
  6. Officially launch The Cosmo Moms. This project was an idea the hubby & I had over a year ago, and it’s a fun project for MFJ and me to work on together.
  7. Attend an Indians game. This might work as a Family Fun event, plus it helps me get a little closer to #27 on the big list.
  8. Plant flowers. Every year I buy a package of wildflower seeds for the girls to plant in the backyard. Every year the big patch under our living room windows remains barren. This year, it’s written down on an official list. Now, I have to do it.
  9. Start scrapbooking again. That’s a little too vague, but tackling my wedding album (#2) & baby albums (#11) would be a little too much for someone who hasn’t cropped in years. I think I’ll start with finishing the mostly done vacation album and/or holiday traditions book. At the very least, I want to do the old/new wedding page I’ve had in mind since our renewal ceremony last year.
  10. Build a snowman with my girls. I can’t control the weather, though, so I’m giving myself a pass if I can’t get #24 finished in 2011. First big snow next winter, though? My butt is out in the cold.
  11. Go to a drive-in theater. It didn’t make my 40×40, but it probably should have! There’s one near the in-laws’ lake house, so it will be another motivator to get us up there more often.