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Mamavation Monday: Baby Steps Edition

When I started on this weight loss journey, I decided I would focus on making small, lifestyle changes rather than a complete overhaul—it gives me a chance to step into it and make real progress rather than diving head first into something I will fail. At the beginning of this year, I cut back on the soda. Then, I cut back a little bit more. So, when I gave it up altogether last week, I barely noticed. It’s been a week since I’ve had any, and I honestly don’t miss it.

It’s been the same with everything else—I started with 30 jumping jacks in my circuits, moved up to 50, then 60 and now I’m doing 65 per set. As for my snacking habits, I’ve cut back a lot. Both in the amount and frequency of snacks. I’m also trying to make better choices. I love salty snacks—Mike-Sell’s Zesty Barbecue chips are my downfall. But, I also love sweet snacks—hello, Reese’s!

I’m an equal opportunity snacker.

Slowly, I’m replacing my favorites with healthy options. Rather than down half a bag of chips in the middle of the day (which, I would have finished later that night!), I’ve been going with celery & peanut butter—crunchy & salty all the same. Of course, I still enjoy a chocolate treat in my bubble bath at night, but instead of grabbing a piece of candy for an afternoon pick-me-up, I’m munching on apples. Oh, Granny Smith—I do love you!

The key is keeping the right snacks on hand & avoiding the rest. I’ve got a pantry full of popcorn & fruit right now, instead of chips & candy. That means when I reach for a snack, it’s going to be a little better for me. Combine that with daily exercise, and I’m really pleased with my progress so far. I haven’t lost much weight, but I’m building muscle at the same time. My pants fit more loosely, my body is noticeably more toned and I just feel good about all of it.

That’s progress—one baby step at a time.

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Starting Weigh-In: 195 pounds
Today’s Weigh-In: 193 pounds
This Week’s Weight Loss: 1 pound
Total Weight Loss: 2 pounds

Today’s Mamavation Monday Topic: Are you a sweet or savory snacker? What do you look for in a healthy snack?

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7 Responses to “Mamavation Monday: Baby Steps Edition”

  1. Go Heather! Loose fitting pants are always a good thing!
    Have an awesome week!

  2. Great Job Heather! You know you’re doing something right when you just plain FEEL GOOD! Wishing you an awesome week!

  3. Way to go, Heather! Sounds like you’re getting results from your lifestyle changes already. Not only that, your kids are taking notice and that’s really important as well.

  4. It all happens with small changes, doesn’t it?
    Congrats on some really great work.

  5. Slow & steady is the way to do it. Way to wean the pop! That’s a tuffy.

  6. Congrats with your weight loss this week! Keep up the hard work.

    Yes, little steps will help you do it as a life change, not just a crash and burn session. I have been working towards my small steps with Mamavation for months now, but I haven’t back tracked. It IS working, but it IS work.

    Keep it up this week and I bet you will see even more progress next time. Cheers!

  7. Amanda Odair @beeacutie2 on

    congrats and great job!!!!