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Mamavation Monday: Unexpected Changes Edition

When I started out on this journey, I had two goals—to provide a better example to my girls an lose 30 pounds. But, something happened along the way. I started noticing all these other changes—side effects of being fit, I guess.

I’m sleeping better than I have in years! No more tossing & turning, waking up tired or Ambien prescriptions. Maybe it’s because I’m flat out exhausted after working out twice each day. Still, it’s nice to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. And, I kinda like waking up well rested.

No more cracked heels! All that water I’m drinking is making a huge difference in my whole body. I got a mani-pedi the other day, and she didn’t spend much time on my feet at all. They were already smooth & hydrated. Pretty cool since it’s usually a long time between pedicures.

The cravings are changing, too. I won’t tell you I don’t often wish for potato chips & chocolate, but the cravings are less frequent now. And, I don’t at all desire soda. Instead, I crave water throughout the day and frequently feel like I’ll die without a salad. A salad! Who knew?

I do occasionally give into the cravings, but that’s not why I’m up a pound this week. I slacked off quite a bit on my exercises. And, I had ice cream twice this weekend. I don’t really know why—I didn’t really want any, and it wasn’t all that good. But, I took the little one out for ice cream while the hubby had our older girls at the father-daughter dance. And the next day, the hubby asked me to stop for shakes while I was out.

I’m not sure why I got one for myself each time. Habit, I guess. It’s these habits I’m still struggling to break. Grabbing a snack every time I sit down to watch television. Grabbing a piece of candy each time I check-in at the chiropractor. Ordering a soda anytime we’re out to eat. I’m making progress at eliminating each habit.

Plus, I need to keep building the new, healthy habits I’ve created. The daily exercise is really toning my body & helping me drop the weight. I overdid it on Monday, then rested up a bit too much in the following days. Plus, we had a busy week, and I just wasn’t proactive enough about carving out time for fitness.

This week, I’m putting a little more focus on physical activity—and staying away from the ice cream!

Starting Weigh-In: 195 pounds
Today’s Weigh-In: 191 pounds
This Week’s Weight Loss: gained 1 pound (boo!)
Total Weight Loss: 4 pounds

5 Responses to “Mamavation Monday: Unexpected Changes Edition”

  1. Isn’t it great when you feel better? It sounds like you’re well on your way to making permanent changes in your life. Try not to be a slave to your scale. Have a great week!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much little changes make a difference? It’s such a hard journey but I’m in for myself and my children like you! One is good as it’s better than gaining! Great job!

  3. Heather,

    I’m so thrilled you’re seeing benefits in other areas! You’re doing great and these changes will benefit you long term. Even though you’re tall and distribute the weight, your heart is very thankful for all you’re doing. It’s about being healthy inside AND out!


  4. Love the non scale victories! I do hear you on the eating out of habit thing, though. I do that too sometimes, and it’s frustrating. Just keep working out, and craving that water, and you’ll do awesome! Have a great week!

  5. That’s so great that you are noticing all those other changes…those are the ones that make it a lifestyle vs. a diet.

    Way to go!