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Mamavation Monday: Earning My Rest Day

So, I’m not super confident with last week’s weight in. It was two days late, due to travel & Wii Fit issues. Regardless, the .5 gain wasn’t too bad, considering the way I ate on Monday & Tuesday. That said, it makes me not 100% confident with this week’s weigh-in. Still, a pound in 5 days is pretty good, I think!

George Foreman grilled ham & cheese

My meal plan is going well, and I’ve been working out like a fiend. I am hitting it hard with my 30 Day Shred group. I’m also progressing nicely with the Couch to 5K program—I’m up to week 3 now! I really didn’t think yesterday’s run would go well. Three minutes was going to be my longest interval ever! (Yes, seriously. Hush—I’m new at this running thing.)

But, I did it! I’m so glad I mentioned my breathing issues to my doc so we can get it under control. The inhaler is really helping me through my cardio workouts. I’m excited to be making so much progress with my fitness programs, now that I can breathe a little better. This weekend, I also progressed to Level 2 on the 30 Day Shred DVD.

It’s pretty much killer! True story. I’m taking today off, because my legs are dying after 6 straight days of the shred and 3 runs in a row. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but it was necessary for scheduling purposes. So, today is a day of rest, and tomorrow I start again—putting a little more space between my runs.

I’m losing inches again, too. That helps a lot, when the scale isn’t moving much. We have just 4 weeks left in the George Foreman Knock out the Fat Weight Loss Challenge, but I don’t plan to stop until I reach my ultimate goal. I’m almost halfway there now, and I’ll be posting measurements & pics in another month.

I can’t wait to see the changes!

Starting Weigh-In: 195 pounds
Today’s Weigh-In: 175.5 pounds
This Week’s Weight Loss: 1 pound
Total Mamavation Weight Loss: 19.5 pounds
Total Knockout The Fat Weight Loss: 12 pounds
BMI: 25.15 (So close to normal!!)

Sistahood Question: There will be no Mamavation Mondays TV show this week so that we can focus on the party. Follow Mamavation on Twitter from 8-10 PM EST on Monday 11 July 2011 for the Grunt Style sponsored party.

Disclosure: The George Foreman Knock out the Fat Weight Loss Challenge is a compensated program. As an ambassador for George Foreman, I received a George Foreman grill and will be paid for my time at the end of the 90 day challenge. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine!

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  1. Keep it going girl!! Great job!