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Mamavation Monday: Constant Snacking Edition

I can’t believe we have less than two weeks left in the George Foreman Knock out the Fat Weight Loss Challenge—what a journey it has been! I feel like I’ve hit a plateau lately, with just half a pound lost this week, but I’ve got some ideas to change things up. For starters, I need to be better about my meal plan. I prepare healthy meals all day long and use my George Foreman grill every evening, but my snacking has gotten a little off track.

I’ve snacked on chips a bit this week, and I finished off the candy I bought last week. In my defense, those kind of cravigns only come up once a month. Still, if I plan my snacks out a little more, it will go a little better. Now that we have the whole family on an exchange meal plan, this should get easier.

If I’m already helping the girls plot out healthy snacks, it should be pretty simple to fill in my own. We’re working with Stacia’s doctor to up her calorie intake, in an effort to put some meat on those bones! When she came home with meal charts similar to mine, the little girls wanted one too.

I put some time & research into the right calorie balance for their ages and learned that Stacia’s introductory meal plan was perfect for both Brenia & Lorelai. My hope was a specific plan would curb the nonstop eating & constant “when is dinner?” that we deal with every day.

They were quick to catch on, and I think I’m even learning a thing or two from the three of them. Stacia is focusing on the vegetables she does like (so, uh, salads. And V8 juice.), rather than not eating everything else. Brenia is really excited about swapping things for treats now & then—being able to have lemonade or apple juice, in place of a carb or fruit has been her favorite.

Lorelai mostly likes that she gets to eat all day long—which she’s pretty much know for. The meals were too much for them to get through so we’ve worked in several snacks to get the appropriate foods in throughout the day. The frequent snacking is good for them—and for me—but, I tend to focus just on the meals. This week I’m going to put more emphasis on planning my snacks, too.

It will not only curb the insane hunger my workouts cause, but it should also cut down on the unhealthy snacking. Not that I’ll ever give up my nightly chocolate, but maybe I could give up the morning chocolate. And, the afternoon chips. This 30 Day Shred is just making me so hungry! I’ve kept up on it, finally hitting level 3 (yowzers!) on Friday.

I have about a week left in the series, and I’ll be posting updated measurements when I finish. The Couch to 5K is also going pretty well. I started week 4 the other night and will be running it again tonight, after spending 2 weeks on week 3. This is definitely going to take me longer than 9 weeks, but I’m hoping to run a full 5K on October 1st.

I did sign up for the BlogHer 5K in a couple weeks, but I’ll be WALK-running that one. I don’t know if I can keep up with the Mamavation crew (Leah, Lori and Shelley are also registered!), but I’m going to give it a shot. And, at the very least, it will keep me moving in the middle of a crazy, chaotic conference. But, that is next week!

For this week, my focus is continuing the exercise programs I’ve been doing all month, better snacking and more healthy cooking the indoor grill (check out my George Foreman grill review below). Because who wants to go outside in this weather?

Starting Weigh-In: 195 pounds
Today’s Weigh-In: 176 pounds
This Week’s Weight Loss: .5 pounds
Total Mamavation Weight Loss: 19 pounds
Total Knockout The Fat Weight Loss: 12 pounds
BMI: 25.22

Sistahood Question: What nutrition lessons have you learned from your kids?

This post is sponsored by Organ Wise & Fiber Choice, and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation.

Disclosure: The George Foreman Knock out the Fat Weight Loss Challenge is a compensated program. As an ambassador for George Foreman, I received a George Foreman grill and will be paid for my time at the end of the 90 day challenge. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine!

3 Responses to “Mamavation Monday: Constant Snacking Edition”

  1. Okay, is your kitchen always that clean?

  2. Wow thanks for sharing those with us. I really like the last one you showed us. Thanks again for this and also… Way to go on losing the weight.

  3. You’ll keep up because we won’t leave you behind. We are in this together girl! Can’t wait to see you!!! WOO HOO!!!!!