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Here’s something you should know about me first—I’m not majorly into celebrity gossip. I don’t read celeb magazines. I don’t care who is married and who’s getting divorced. I don’t even have a long list of celebrities that fascinate me—just a short, ever-changing list of celebs I’d do if given the opportunity. Wait, I mean..no, that’s exactly what I meant.

I’ve met Gallagher—sort of. I’ve met Paul and Storm. I’ve met Tim Gunn. And, yet, I just couldn’t cross this one off 40×40“>the list.

I wanted one of those Wow! celebrities. You tell people you met so-and-so and hear “Wow! Really?” instead of “Who?” My sister has met Hulk Hogan, Mark Cuban and B.B. King. B.B. King! And, she didn’t even know who he was. Her blues fan brother-in-law was incredibly jealous. For me, crossing this one off meant I needed to see some serious envy!

I just couldn’t figure out how to make that happen. It seemed like one of those wishful thinking entries that I couldn’t plan, control or possibly even do. I was resigned to reaching 40 without crossing this one off the list, even as I challenged MFJ to get me on Rachael Ray. She would totally count!

Enter the beautiful, fabulous Alli Worthington and her completely awesome sidekick Barbara Jones!

A few weeks before Blissdom, these amazing women announced a special appearance by Harry Connick Jr. complete with meet ‘n greet! Harry Connick Jr.? Harry Connick Jr.?! O.M.G. It’s like they designed the entire weekend just for me. I freaking love Harry Connick Jr. Obviously.

Harry Connick Jr.Then, the Saints went to the Superbowl. And, HCJ had to be there! Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, did this amazing guy stand us up? Afterall, we were just a small group of women—a drop in the bucket compared to the Superbowl.

Heck no—he’s amazing, remember? Instead of the keynote and Saturday night event they had originally planned, Harry Connick Jr. offered a private, mini-concert & short photo session instead. Short? You mean, I might not get a chance to meet him?

That was not going to work into my plan. I was determined to be one of the lucky bloggers to meet him. Of course, I should never have underestimated the fabulous duo of Alli & Barbara—they found a way to make it work! Harry would greet bloggers in groups of 6 so everyone could have a photo with him.

And yet, I wasn’t sure that would be good enough for my list.

So, I managed to finagle my way to the front of a group. And, to be the first to Harry when it was our turn. Did you expect anything less of me? I had to introduce myself. To officially meet him. To stand next to him. To touch him. (Although, I promised Alli I would be totally appropriate—she felt the need to warn me twice!)

I walked up to him, he took my hand, turned his gorgeous eyes straight to mine and said, “Hi, I’m Harry.”


Me with Harry Connick Jr.

Yes, I totally cropped everyone else out of my picture. Shuddup.

PhotobucketI was very excited to have the opportunity to review the latest CD from indie artist Ross King. The hubby kinda has a thing for music. He is constantly finding new artists, both for himself and the girls. He especially enjoys eMusic for their huge database of independent music. We like to support the little guy, yo.

Words That Rhyme with Orange is a children’s music CD. It has a listed age of 2-12 but my oldest was much more interested in retreating to her room with Radio Disney than listening to the CD with our other girls. I don’t know where we went wrong with that child. The songs are a lot of fun, but I think it would most appeal to the preschool set. “If I Wasn’t So Cute” was clearly written about my preschooler!

This CD is independent and self-produced so you won’t find it in stores. It retails for around $12 and can be purchased atRoss King Music, through iTunes or on Amazon. You can also hear a sample of 4 different tracks at RossKingMusic.com, including Lorelai’s favorite—Juicebox. The full track list includes:

1. Happy to Be Me
2. Juicebox
3. If I Wasn’t So Cute
4. Lionmonkeyacondonkey
5. More
6. Learning My Alphabet
7. The Food Trying Song
8. Afrikiddo Romp
9. The Sound of Whining
10. I Like to Play Outside
11. Don’t Do It
12. Sleepyhead
13. Naomi’s Lullabye

This is a Mama Buzz review. The CD was provided by Ross King for this review.

2009-10-033Our weekend getaway date is brought to you by the letter G—good friends, Giordano’s and geeky guitarists! We were in Chicago for less than 24 hours, but it was an amazing weekend. I love road trips, honestly, for the uninterrupted conversations and connection. With a construction delay and marathon traffic, we had plenty of time for both. We arrived at our hotel (Intercontinental at a great deal via Hotwire.com) with barely enough time for a quick makeup touch-up before our planned dinner with an old friend.
I love that my husband was willing to give part of our weekend away to finally meet a longtime internet friend in person. It was, of course, not like meeting someone new at all—Kathryn and I talked and enjoyed one another like old girlfriends. Because we are. The husbands indulged us and I am so glad our schedules worked so we could connect while she was in town for the marathon. We had dinner at Giordano’s (after a quick stop for my gluten meds) and it was delish, as always!

We took a cab straight to the concert. This is the part I was a little concerned about. I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing Jonathan Coulton, even though it was technically the reason for our trip. The hubby is the fan boy there, but I’m nothing if not supportive. We had also heard he would be performing a Flood show in tribute to They Might Be Giants who were performing across town. I love TMBG so I figured all was not lost. Besides, it was at a bar. I’m on a quest to sample signature martinis across the country. Park West didn’t have one, but my server came up with something fabulous! I had four a couple throughout the show.

2009-10-037The concert began with the opening band, naturally. Paul and Storm kicked off the evening with—what else—Opening Band. I had never heard them before but was instantly in love. They are smart, funny and Storm is sexy as hell. Um, I mean, they are both very talented. What can I say? I love a hot geek! The Flood Show with P&S and Jonathan Coulton came next and was amazing. It was fascinating to watch, especially knowing they had never performed that set before and had only practiced it for the week.

Jonathan Coulton was about what I expected. I loved watching the hubby enjoy himself. In fact, I spent much of his set people watching. The drunkety drunk girl in front of us provided much entertainment. (You gotta love an evening when you can enjoy four a few drinks and still not be the drunk girl.) Super fan girl with the dance moves in the front section was also highly amusing. However, the best part of our experience came after the concert. We hung around, anticipating a meet ‘n greet.

2009-10-036Security tried to shoo everyone away and insisted there wouldn’t be. This seemed off to me, from what I had read about the bands, so we hung around the merchandise table. I wanted to get the newly released Jonathan Coulton scratch ‘n sniff stickers for our little fan girl at home. Brenia is obsessed with Re: Your Brains, and has many of his other songs memorized (you know, the age appropriate ones). Our persistence paid off as all three talented men arrived to hang out with their fans for a bit. Of course, for this scene I was cast as the drunk girl.

2009-10-035The hubby got to shake fans with an idol, chat for a few minutes and collect a picture for our growing celebrity photo wall. I got to drool over Paul and Storm, and may have accidentally told Storm he was going on my celebrity list. How secure does a marriage have to be for your hubby to allow you to stalk hit on another guy while you are on a date? Of course, everyone knows a celebrity doesn’t count. Still, I’d say that’s a testament to how far we have come in the last few months. I’m willing to sit through a concert I have no interest in hearing and he’s willing to watch me drool over celebs.

That’s true love, yo.

After I was contacted by One 2 One Network about reviewing the new Harry Connick Jr. CD, I anxiously checked the mailbox every day. I absolutely adore him already and when I read the track list I knew I’d love this CD. He covers some of the greatest classics. Oh, how I love them!

There is something just so uplifting about older music. I think lyrics were much more positive—a bit less about who is cheating on who and other horrifying themes that have been popular the last several years. The songs in this collection are true love songs. What can be better than a relaxing mix of love songs? A relaxing mixing of favorites sung in Harry Connick Jr’s sexy, smooth voice.

The first time I had a chance to play the CD, Lorelai was mad that I didn’t turn on a movie instead. She was screaming from the backseat of the van (which, btw, we ironically named Serenity), until his voice started. She was literally stunned silent. Of course, that only lasted until she remembered she had wanted something else and her chorus of “I wanna watch a moobee!” began to drown out the CD. That’s okay, a bubble bath is better suited to this kind of musical enjoyment.

A perfect solo evening would have to be Your Songs, a bubble bath and Twilight. Although, if I’m listening to “Harry Potter Jr.” as Brenia calls him, I guess I should be reading another magical series. Still, I’m spending my bubble baths these days with Edward Cullen. Regular bubbles baths are one of my guilty pleasures. The hubby is great about indulging me—I’m a lucky girl!

Harry Connick Jr.’s wife is another seriously lucky lady. He had this to say on his website: “…when I sang `Only You’ and most of the other songs, I was thinking about my wife Jill.” {Swoon} How would you like to have this gorgeous guy crooning sweet, classic love songs just for you?

The CD features signature songs by iconic artists—all your favorite songs (ah, there’s the title!) by the gorgeous Harry Connick Jr.

Album Tracklisting (Originally performed by):

All The Way (Frank Sinatra)
Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
And I Love Her (The Beatles)
(They Long To Be) Close To You (The Carpenters)
Besame Mucho
The Way You Look Tonight
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)
Your Song (Elton John)
Some Enchanted Evening
And I Love You So (Don McLean)
Who Can I Turn To? (Tony Bennett)
Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole)

You can also catch him on several upcoming talk shows. I always enjoy watching him on television (Will & Grace, anyone?). I big puffy heart The Rachael Ray show—hopefully, I’ll be able to catch it that week!

9/28 – Today Show
9/29 – The View
9/30 – Imus in the Morning
9/30 – Letterman
10/1 – Today Show
Week of 10/5 – Rachael Ray

Your Songs is in stores now, but check Inexpensively next Tuesday for a chance to win a copy for free! You can also preview (or even download) every song on the album from Amazon. Single mp3s are only $1.29 and drm free.

Disclosure: I received a free CD from One 2 One Network for the purposes of this review. In the interest of full disclosure, I also receive affiliate revenues from Amazon if you choose to purchase via any of the included links.

I think it should be completely illegal to get sick when you are already pregnant. It’s just plain not fair to have tons of shit to deal with for 9 months straight and still get the nastiest cold ever! I woke up Sunday morning feeling completely clogged and scratchy. Now a fever has replaced my voice. There’s just too much to do for me to be napping all day. Not to mention a toddler who wouldn’t allow it anyway.

I think I am mostly prepared as far as stuff goes. I’ve sure spent a lot of money. Serenity was a big key—and the biggest expense—in going from 2 to 3 children. I least I’m no longer stressing over how to get my baby home from the hospital with her big sisters.

She has no room to come home to, but even if that didn’t get done it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s not like she’ll really use it at first anyway. I’ll nurse so a cradle right next to me is so much easier than getting up every hour or two and walking across the house. I wanted it done by the end of this month, even though I’m not due for 7 or 8 weeks, to help the girls get used to the transition. Right now the “nursery” is a combination office/storage room/battleground or something like that.

I had hoped to get some work done on it yesterday. And by that I meant I’d sit on the bed and tell him where to put things. Instead I camped out on the couch right after Stacia’s soccer game until someone mentioned dinner. After which, I promptly returned to my horizontal position. We only have 1 soccer game this weekend so maybe something will get done then. In the meantime, I’ll lay around, do nothing, and whine about how nothing is getting done. It seems to be working well for me.

Maybe it will give me some time to surf around and find my Mixmania sender. I received an interesting mix. It fits well with the driving theme considering the name I chose for my new vehicle. It’s all classical and operatic—very serene.

This mix forces me to—once again—admit my musical ineptitude. I don’t know a single song on it. That should make tracking down its originator a bit difficult, though I’m guessing not many people went classical. I’m looking forward to finding the track list. I used to listen solely to classical on study days in college. It was the only way to focus on what I was doing. Lyrics were too distracting and silence only allowed dorm sounds in. In my daily life now, I rarely have cause to focus in the same way so I’ve not listened to much classical since Brenia would only fall asleep to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sendada.

The theme for Mixmania this time around was “Driving” and I chose to take it quite literally. Most of the songs are, in fact, about driving or cars. I have thrown a few personal driving choices into the mix. Also, I sincerely hope I do not offend the recipients delicate sensibilities, as driving brings my potty mouth out in full force. The songs greatly represent the sailor in me. I am hopeful that she was too busy laughing to be offended as the genre tends toward comedy. Here they are, not necessarily in order as I have lost the actual mix (I’ll update it as soon as hubby can point me in the right direction):

  • Adam SandlerOde to My Car
    This was in honor of the ghetto car I was driving at the time. It has since been dumped for my new Serenity.
  • Barenaked LadiesPinch Me
    As much as I truly love my life there are times when I’d love to get in the car and find that perfect time of year somewhere far away from here.
  • EaglesHotel California
    I don’t know. Maybe it struck me as the end destination.
  • Veggie TalesCheeseburger Song
    If Veggie Tales or JoJo’s Circus is not playing in my car, it’s not a real road trip. I figured a song about a drive-thru at least fit the theme.
  • CakeStickshifts and Safety Belts
    Um, self explanatory.
  • Beach BoysFun, Fun, Fun
    Though I never had a T-Bird, my daddy would take my keys away if I had too much fun (and he found out about it). 😉
  • The PlaymatesLittle Nash Rambler
    A Dr. Demento classic. “Beep beep. Beep beep. The horn went beep, beep, beep.”
  • MaxamillionFat Boys
    Busted—this is a carry over from my Summer Mixmania, but as I mentioned then it was our official road trip song so it definitely belongs here too.
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh PrinceParents Just Don’t Understand
    “Drive fast—speed turns me on!”
  • Heywood BanksWiper Blades
    A Bob & Tom classic, and it has me laughing out loud every single time. Probably because it’s so me—I have a bit of a habit of leaving minor details like new wiper blades until after I really need them.
  • Nelly FurtadoI’m Like a Bird
    I guess I’ve got a bit of an escapist theme going on here.
  • PinkGet This Party Started
    I can go for miles, if you know what I mean.
  • The FirmStar Trekkin’
    Another Dr. Demento favorite: “Only going forward cuz we can’t find reverse!”
  • VengaboysVenga Bus
  • Merideth BrooksBitch
    Not at all about driving like the rest. This is just one of those songs that makes me want to roll down the windows, put my foot to the floor, and sing out loud.
  • Todd YohnOrange Barrels
    Perhaps the biggest reason for my on the road potty mouth.
  • Crystal Waters
    Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

    When I was younger, my sibs and I made up our own little song to the chorus for family road trips—Gotta go pee, gotta go now—which we sang repeatedly until Dad would finally stop and let us go. We had another great song—an original!—about ice cream that got us to the Dairy Queen drive-thru every, single time. It may have had something to do with the fact that not a one of us could carry a tune in a bucket.
  • Queen—Bohemian Rhapsody
    Every time I hear this song, I just can’t help picturing Wayne and crew jamming in the bug. Party on, Wayne. Pary on, Garth.
  • Brak and Freddie Prinze Jr.Highway 40
    I picked a different version than he did because I think this one is much funnier.
  • The trip to my parents’ house is much longer with a 1-hour stop at Old Navy.
  • I should never be turned loose at Old Navy when they are having massive clearance sales.
  • Indiana’s new interstate speed limit goes a long way towards making up lost time.
  • Traveling during bedtime does not necessarily indicate that my girls will actually sleep in the car—even when naps are skipped to improve this possibility.
  • Skipping naps? So not a good idea. Ever.
  • Someone who loathes remixes should never listen to Club Mix Hour on the radio—unless, of course, the only other options are country music stations.
  • I grew up in the one of the biggest redneck, hicktowns in America. This has nothing to do with my trip, other than I am reminded when I spend more than 5 minutes in my hometown.

I got my Mixmania CD in the mail the other day and have been enjoying the eclectic mix all weekend. She’s a little bit country; I’m a little bit rock and roll. The CD is a unique and fun mix. I thank her from the bottom of my heart all the way to “mahbootay.” Anyone who manages to combine The Beach Boys, Prince, and Beer Run deserves a huge round of applause. Another big standing O goes to Jim for putting this all together.

I had to search quite a bit before I found the creator of my CD. Here’s to expanding my blogroll—one CD at a time.