Just Heather

Friday night started like any typical evening out with my best friend. I was working a blog event, she was running late, and when we missed our show, we stopped at a bar before the next one. That all sounds like us, right? The bar was particularly crowded, but given that it was both GenCon weekend and IndyFringe week, it wasn’t unexpected.

When it was time to leave, we made our way through the crowd and Julie — in typical Julie fashion — stopped to tell a man in a kilt he had a “pretty skirt.” Utterly mortified (as usual), I turned my back to the crowd as I squeezed by. And that’s when my rear met said kilt. I whirled around to apologize and DIED.

My butt had just bumped full on Wil Wheaton’s, um, kilt. Wil Wheaton, you guys! After severely bruising my idiot friend with the pounding as I said, “Do you even know who you just insulted?” she turned right back around, apologized to Wil Wheaton, and introduced him to me.

So, here I am in a bar, DYING and what do I say to Wil Wheaton? “Please tell me you’re doing W00tstock again. I love Paul and Storm! Oh, and you too. Obviously.” You guys, seriously. That’s what I said. Because I am a dork. But not a Trekkie, sorry. I love Wil Wheaton for his own, personal nerdom.

W00tstock with Paul and Storm was my first real introduction to Wil Wheaton. And then there is Wil Wheaton Collating Papers, which is sheer genius and reason #58934 Wil Wheaton is awesome. So, I geeked out all over him.

Then I asked for a picture, turned my phone for a quick photo, and got the greatest selfie EVER.

And that is the story of how my butt met Wil Wheaton. He was gracious and kind and hinted that Wil Wheaton vs Paul and Storm could come as close as Chicago. I thought for sure they were sticking to the coasts, but I will be there if they add a midwest stop!

You know, to see my new friend Wil. And this is a much more fun story than when I originally crossed off #31 — meet a celebrity. Well, there was the part about how Harry Connick Jr. reached out to shake my hand and accidentally grazed my boob. There was also the time I asked Gavin DeGraw for a picture and he posed with his hand on my butt.

My body parts meet more celebrities than I do. Did I ever tell you about how my boobs met Reggie Wayne?