Just Heather
All about my terrific, terrific sister!

My sister is greater than fruit, yeah, fruit. And she’s even better than my strawberries I made. (there’s gonna be more, I just have to think- it’s not the end, no) It’s better than anything in the world, except my family. (give me a few minutes…)My sister is greater than my blog! And even greater than pictures on anything in the world. And greater than my best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best (one more best) bestest friends. And even better than calling Zach and Megan [said best, best friends]. And even better than my mom’s silly old red-haired doll [aka Raggedy Ann]. And even better than listening to my radio—oh, it’s real better—yeah! And even better how old I am; which I’m now six and a half. And even better than Dad’s silly old dumb stuff. And my sister is even better than raspberry pie. But really I’ve never tasted raspberry pie. And even better than Mom’s dumb Pampered Chef stuff. And even better than Daddy’s stupid old comics. And also better than his dumb old guitars. And Daddy is now going to play them. That is not very fun—that is horrible. My sister is also better than my dumb stuff. My sister is also greater than candy—well, not candy—kinda candy. Not the end yet. Also better than my dumb computer. The end.