Just Heather
Stacia: How Fun It’s Gonna Be At My Water Party

It’s gonna be so fun at my water party. We’re gonna have a canon that can shoot out water. Well, you won’t believe how fun that is gonna be. And don’t forget there’s gonna be a castle! And also 200 water balloons. It’s gonna be so so so so so so so so (two more, she says) so so (one more) so fun!! You won’t believe how fun the water balloons will be. And don’t forget there’s gonna be water guns and we’re gonna play water freeze. And whoever gets squirted wif (she has a lisp sometimes from her missing front teeth) the water in the guns has to freeze and if they get squirted again they get un-freezed. That’s how you play water freeze. And we’re also gonna play balloon tag and who gets tagged with the balloon the person is gonna have 5 bags of 16 balloons. And whoever gets the most balloons is it. OK? And then they keep doing and doing it until their balloons are all gone. And don’t forget—call me if you can come.

The End.

Oh, I mean, there’s also gonna be lots more stuff.

Now The End.