Just Heather
When do I get my membership card?

It’s official—I’m a soccer mom! I guess I kind of knew that, seeing as how my daughter is in her second season of soccer, but it’s still kind of weird. You would really think I’d get it—after all I did quit my job, drop out of college, and make a conscious decision to be a stay-at-home mom.

It wasn’t until tonight—at a PTO meeting—when I was surrounded by my fellow soccer moms that it hit me. I’m an official card-carrying member of the soccer mom club! When did that happen?!

This was never the picture I had in my head of where I would be at 27. I don’t know what, exactly, I thought I’d be doing. I just know that toting a toddler to my first grader’s Brownie meetings where I’m the troop leader, cheering sideline at soccer games where my husband is the coach, and munching on snacks with fellow moms at a PTO meeting was just not where I ever pictured myself.

Love is a funny thing.