Just Heather
Happiness Is…

Genuine asked what makes me happy. Typing out a short list made me smile. It’s nice to think about what love and happiness are sometimes.

This has been such a crazy month. It is so easy to get stressed out and forget about the good stuff. In an effort to kick out the yucky, out of control feelings here is a list of my happy thoughts:

  • Hugs and Kisses from my girls
  • quiet time with hubby
  • my girls’ giggles
  • turning down the blankets before climbing into bed
  • finding out hubby has already put away the toys before I come downstairs at night
  • sleeping in
  • helping a friend
  • Pizza Night
  • curling on the couch in the middle of the day to watch a favorite movie
  • bubble baths
  • the feeling of my husband’s hand on my back as we walk together
  • paying $5 for a cart full of groceries
  • the sweet sound of “I love you” from a toddler’s lips
  • Special “I love you” notes from a new writer
  • a phone call for no reason
  • blank spaces on my calendar
  • a cool breeze on a sunny day
  • giving the perfect gift
  • a gentle reminder that Someone’s watching over me
  • a yummy candle scent filling the house
  • finding cash left in a pocket—even if it’s just $1
  • getting ready for Date Night
  • a mid-week lunch with hubby

One Response to “Happiness Is…”

  1. I like your list as well!