Just Heather
note to husbands

When you are going to be late, it is wise to call your wife immediately. This means when the clock strikes whatever hour you are to leave, and you find yourself still at work pick up the phone. Do not wait until the time which you normally arrive home to call and tell your wife you will be late. This would be obvious since you are not yet home.

By this time, your wife may already have:

  • opened the garage door for your convenience
  • lit candles in anticipation of your homecoming
  • hired a sitter for an hour so that she could greet you proper

Okay, so maybe I didn’t do all those things, but I could have!

4 Responses to “note to husbands”

  1. Hi! My name is Rachael and I’m new here 🙂 Wandered over from Princess Ponderings. Anyway, saw in your A/S/L that you are from small town, Indiana. Me too! I hail from Westfield, and am going to college in Hanover. I love to find bloggers from IN, I’ll be sure to visit your blog often!

  2. Rachael sent me over. I ditto everything she just said. Well, not the Hanover part. But it is fun to find a Hoosier! 🙂

  3. Oh, and I sooo agree about the husband calling thing. Dinner COULD be on the table. Probably not. But it COULD be.

  4. Thanks for the visit! I could NOT agree with you more. One side effect of that (NOT calling) is that your dinner mysteriously somehow ends up in the garbage..go figure! Blogrolled ya!