Just Heather
Stupid DVR

I don’t watch much tv—really, I don’t. More accurately, I don’t let the tv rule my life. I do have quite a few regular shows that I record and watch when I can. I currently record and watch: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Crossing Jordan, West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Joey, and ER. That’s, what, less than 8 hours of tv? I’m sure I fall below average.

Unless we have to factor in sports. During NBA playoffs, I’m pretty much a slave to my television. Football season is easier—one Sunday a week I can work around. This week though we get the Monday Night Football game. I thought this would only present a slight problem. We’d have to watch an hour of the game from the smaller tv upstairs while CSI Miami records.

We don’t have a cool DVR that lets you record and watch something else. That would be too easy.

And—thanks to stupid network wars—it gets even worse tonight. CSI is airing a “super-sized” episode tonight from 8:30-10:00. Okay, so we watch halftime from upstairs too. No big deal. Until NBC decides to do a stupid crossover with some random show I don’t watch. Like you can solve a crime in Vegas without Gary Dourdan.

Here comes the bigger problem. To see the “To be continued” from last night’s Crossing Jordan, we have to tune in from 8-9 tonight. See how they go about screwing me?