Just Heather

Apparently, I would be horrible at selecting hit television shows. Everything I love gets canceled.

Last year my favorite show (aside from Gilmore Girls, which will always be my favorite—just ask my daughter Lorelai AKA Rory) was Related. This year? Canceled! Since it was an early season ending, I added a new mid-season show—The Evidence. Just one month later? Canceled!

Did I mention I watched the pilot episode of Emily’s Reasons Why Not? The one and only episode which—by the way—I actually thought was really funny. It even included clips of the next episode. That never aired.

This summer I am really liking Windfall. I expect it to be cancelled shortly. I’ll be sure to let you all in on my fall DVR list so you don’t get too attached to anything.

Well, I survived Turducken Day. I’m thinking of making a shirt. Certain family members were predictably annoying, and we all left reeking of a perfume that makes me ill, but no one started yelling and I didn’t accidentally almost punch anyone. Success!

We arrived at my aunt’s just in time to eat so I missed the fun of dinner preparations—which sucks because this year they had the added bonus of watching the chefs get totally plastered. I did, however, get drunk-dialed by my mom so I got to feel the love. My brother and his fiance spent the entire day with her family and arrived late, but at least I got to spend a little time with him.

I did, however, have a very fun and happy Black Friday! Mom and I were joined this year by my sister, her roommate, and my cousin’s wife. Everything took a lot longer since we had to reunite and checkout at every store, but it was loads of fun. We’d Marco-Polo until we all found one another and then head to the checkouts, where I would usually leave my mother to pay for my items while I went to the car to nurse the baby. She was an excellent shopper—you gotta start ’em young!

I caught up on the entire season of Related with my sis. I also got the hubby to create a ringtone out of the theme song for me. It’s very fitting, especially considering the weekend we just had.

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday weekend, and I leave you now with my new family theme song:

I hate you, I love you.
You know too much about me.
I have to just kill you,
but then who’d tell me how to live?
Don’t tell me how to live.
Just tell me I’m alright.
Just shutup—why do I ask you anyway?

It’s time! I’m at the maternity center waiting for baby. I just got my epidural so now that I’m not so cranky I thought I’d share the news. Our newest addition will be joining us later this afternoon. She’s a bit ahead of schedule, but I’m so glad to be nearing the end.

I’m watching my Season 3 DVD of Gilmore Girls as we await the arrival of our own Lorelai. It’s nice to have something to take my mind off the pain, which is now nearly non-existent thanks to the happy drugs.

I’ll post pictures later—after the birth, of course, because anything else would just be gross.

Here I sit, all by myself, flipping through our DVR recordings and what should happen? As I innocently hovered over last night’s unwatched Gilmore Girls episode, the remote control accidentally hit play. Well, that’s what he gets for making me watch a movie on a Tuesday night. Besides, we both know I watch it twice a week anyway.

If you are an old, bearded white guy you should never, ever say “my homeys.”

There is apparently a new required element to children’s entertainment. One main character must lose another main character at the start of each show. Blue hides from Steve/Joe. Dora always needs help finding Boots. JoJo can never seem to find Goliath.

This week I’ve been watching Brenia’s new favorite show—The Doodlebops. The trend appears to have reached Canada as well. DeeDee and Rooney ask for help searching for Moe every single morning.

And I’m just too tired to help them look.

Since Christmas I have watched Gilmore Girls in its entirety. It’s such a great show—even hubby likes it. And I’m sure that’s not solely because Lauren Graham is hot.

In the last month I have noticed the soundtrack playing in my head. Not a Hey, you post-the-lyrics-to-pass-it-on sort of way. Just that the happy, bouncy song plays when my life is good and the dramatic, what-else-could-go-wrong music plays when things get tough.

It’s why I don’t have an iPod. That, and I’m skint (it’s British).

Snow! Hooray! It’s that pretty, dusty, Christmasy (I know it’s not a word, dear, get over it!) snow, too! As opposed to the wet, sticky, turn-the-roads-into-mush snow. I was hoping to get some of the fun snow over Christmas break.

Hubby has taken 2 weeks off surrounding Christmas. Stacia has the same two weeks off from school. I was looking forward to some cuddle-on-the-couch time with my family. We’ll do that anyway I’m sure, but it’s so much better when the snow is fluttering outside the window.

Now, if only the snow would motivate me to put up my Christmas decorations instead of encouraging me to burrow under the covers on the couch. Hey, I took the boxes off the shelf in the garage. They haven’t quite made it into the house yet, but Desperate Housewives is on my DVR calling to me so it’s totally not my fault!