Just Heather
It’s a blustery day!

Snow! Hooray! It’s that pretty, dusty, Christmasy (I know it’s not a word, dear, get over it!) snow, too! As opposed to the wet, sticky, turn-the-roads-into-mush snow. I was hoping to get some of the fun snow over Christmas break.

Hubby has taken 2 weeks off surrounding Christmas. Stacia has the same two weeks off from school. I was looking forward to some cuddle-on-the-couch time with my family. We’ll do that anyway I’m sure, but it’s so much better when the snow is fluttering outside the window.

Now, if only the snow would motivate me to put up my Christmas decorations instead of encouraging me to burrow under the covers on the couch. Hey, I took the boxes off the shelf in the garage. They haven’t quite made it into the house yet, but Desperate Housewives is on my DVR calling to me so it’s totally not my fault!

2 Responses to “It’s a blustery day!”

  1. Hey, one has to set priorities so Housewives it is! It isn’t like Christmas is going anywhere!

  2. I was soooo jazzed when I headed out to my first final exam and saw SNOW! Maybe it will blizzard and the rest of finals will be cancelled! Oh damn, how would I get home then? I’ll settle for a pretty dusting.

    Sigh. I wish I had DVR.