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Bye-bye Naptime

I’m losing the battle with the daily nap. Stacia ditched hers at 18 months so I should be lucky I’ve gotten this far. Of course, her timing coincided with our move to a new town so I’m sure that had a bit to do with it. The difference here is Brenia is so well behaved* that she doesn’t just ignore her nap and play in (read: trash) her room like Stacia always did. No, she feels terrible that she’s disobeying so she cries. The whole time.

When I finally give up on the nap and tell her to play in her room for a bit. She says OK and stops crying altogether. She’s just completely unable to let go of the nap until permission is granted. Stacia, on the other hand, couldn’t care less what she has permission for and will do what she pleases at all times.

Is it any wonder that we waited 5 years to have our second child? It took me a while to forget the tortured years between giving up naps and kindergarten. At least when this one gives up her nap entirely, I should be able to institute “quiet time” with a child who may actually follow the title.

*This is not sarcasm you hear. It is shock and awe. She is (mostly) a strangely obedient child. I wonder daily where that came from.

4 Responses to “Bye-bye Naptime”

  1. If she is “giving up” her nap, may I have it?

  2. Just wait. Once she hits high school, you’ll have no problem getting her to take a nap. She may even beg for one 🙂 I know I do!

  3. My girls quit napping at about 18 mos but my son still naps at 26 months (even though he fights it). Both the girls had a tough time in preschool with not napping and bothering the other kids.

    As for me, I live with the perpetual desire for a nap.

  4. Don’t give up the battle. Naps are key! My 33 month old still takes a good one that coincides with my 13 month old’s (which coincides with my only bit of sanity during the day). He fought it for awhile, but is now in a good daily routine and has extra reserves of energy and is not so prone to melt down in the evenings when things are rough.