Just Heather

Genuine was talking about his favorite t.v. shows as a kid (and showing his age, I might add!) I grew up on classic 80s sitcoms. My sibs and I never missed an episode of Saved By the Bell. That might be why we seem to be the only people on earth who noticed that they all went to junior high in Indiana, but somehow moved the entire high school to California? I guess we’re not much of a market here in Redneckville.

Maybe it’s because my formative years were spent with TGIF tv that I am such a sucker for a happy ending. Every single one of life’s problems can be solved in under 30 minutes. If it’s a really, really big problem with life-changing consequences I might give you an hour to work around to the sappy hug just before the credits.

Genuine solved mine in 30 seconds. I was beginning to feel old when my old favorites started appearing on Nick at Night. Then he made me feel all better by talking about a bunch of shows I’ve never seen (and some I’ve never even heard of). I don’t even have to use the “young at heart” line. I’m just plain young. It’s all relative, you know.

I don’t watch much tv—really, I don’t. More accurately, I don’t let the tv rule my life. I do have quite a few regular shows that I record and watch when I can. I currently record and watch: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Crossing Jordan, West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Joey, and ER. That’s, what, less than 8 hours of tv? I’m sure I fall below average.

Unless we have to factor in sports. During NBA playoffs, I’m pretty much a slave to my television. Football season is easier—one Sunday a week I can work around. This week though we get the Monday Night Football game. I thought this would only present a slight problem. We’d have to watch an hour of the game from the smaller tv upstairs while CSI Miami records.

We don’t have a cool DVR that lets you record and watch something else. That would be too easy.

And—thanks to stupid network wars—it gets even worse tonight. CSI is airing a “super-sized” episode tonight from 8:30-10:00. Okay, so we watch halftime from upstairs too. No big deal. Until NBC decides to do a stupid crossover with some random show I don’t watch. Like you can solve a crime in Vegas without Gary Dourdan.

Here comes the bigger problem. To see the “To be continued” from last night’s Crossing Jordan, we have to tune in from 8-9 tonight. See how they go about screwing me?