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What Not To Watch

Apparently, I would be horrible at selecting hit television shows. Everything I love gets canceled.

Last year my favorite show (aside from Gilmore Girls, which will always be my favorite—just ask my daughter Lorelai AKA Rory) was Related. This year? Canceled! Since it was an early season ending, I added a new mid-season show—The Evidence. Just one month later? Canceled!

Did I mention I watched the pilot episode of Emily’s Reasons Why Not? The one and only episode which—by the way—I actually thought was really funny. It even included clips of the next episode. That never aired.

This summer I am really liking Windfall. I expect it to be cancelled shortly. I’ll be sure to let you all in on my fall DVR list so you don’t get too attached to anything.

2 Responses to “What Not To Watch”

  1. Since my new job’s hours are 2:30 – 10:30, the only shows I get to see are The Daily Show & Colbert Report and seriously doubt either of those will ever be cancelled.

    Otherwise it’s ST:TNG reruns on Spike before I go into work.