Just Heather
One Week

Only 7 days until the big yellow bus arrives to separate my children for several hours each day. I can’t decide if I’m excited or sad to see the summer go. On the one hand, I am so sick and tired of the fighting, whining, tattling and general siblingness. On the other, in just a few short weeks I will be sick to death of packing lunches, supervising homework, feeling guilty as I place volunteer requests into the recycle bin, and driving to and from just about everywhere. It’s a trade off, I suppose. A competition of which list gives me the largest headache. The delicate balancing act of parenthood.

One Response to “One Week”

  1. Yeah, it’s come too quick. Yet, the end of our summer has been rainy and cool which has kept mine inside too much. And my own circumstances have kept us from doing any camping this summer.

    So, on the other hand, I’m glad it’s almost time for school!