Just Heather
A note from the road

My mom had the brilliant idea of driving overnight since there were 6 of us to take shifts in 2 cars. It worked out really well the first time. Then we spent 4 days at Disney World. The trip back wasn’t quite so smooth. Here are some note-worthy (or not) tidbits from our road trips:

  • It’s called cruise control, Mom. Learn to use it!
  • Note to self: McDonald’s milkshakes suck big time. (and, yes, I actually wrote a note to myself. Shutup. I was tired.)
  • The word “FIREWORKS” looks exactly like “HOOTERS” when written in neon red lights. Or maybe driving all night was not such a wise idea.
  • My brother “drives like a retarded mule’s butt.” I don’t know what that means. Ask my hubby.
  • Combining Stackers and No-Doz on an empty stomach will cause you to heave—a lot—on the side of the interstate (just ask my dad!)
  • 72 ounces is a lot of Mountain Dew!
  • It is very hard to fall asleep after you’ve spent 5 hours guzzling Mountain Dew and popping handfuls of candy corn (but at least I wasn’t puking!)

Pictures (not of the puking episodes) coming after I’ve had some time to recover.