Just Heather
Day 1

After an all-night drive, we arrived in Florida and promptly got lost. Well, not really. I kept saying, I’m pretty sure Orlando’s the other way. My brother kept saying, no this is the way I always go. When we got to Alamonte Springs, where my cousin—who my brother always visits—lives I knew we were definitely going the wrong way. So we had breakfast at McDonald’s and got back on the highway, headed toward Disney this time! Our hotel wasn’t quite ready, so after showering in the pool area we headed to Downtown Disney.

Day 1 Synopsis:

  • went to Disney Quest—against my better judgement
  • made a funny song called I Don’t Wanna Grow Up that fit hubby pefectly
  • did not purchase said song because little one pushed a bunch of buttons and deleted it (well, that and the fact that it was $12.99 for a cd of one single song!)
  • got bored at Disney Quest—as predicted
  • left Disney Quest to eat lunch at House of Blues
  • headed for Downtown Disney Marketplace
  • stopped at Lego Imagination Center
  • went to hotel to check-in
  • went to MGM Studios to see Fantasmic
  • FYI—Fantasmic is not so fantastic in the rain!
  • went back to hotel soaking wet
  • tucked little ones in bed to watch a bedtime story on tv (Toy Story 2)
  • hung out in my parents’ hotel room to finish Disney Scrapbook for signature collection

2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. OHHHHHH!!!! I love it there. We go every year for 2 weeks in March. I cant wait!!!!!

  2. As Laur said, we just LOVE Disney! We have drien before, all the way from NJ, straight through about 19 hours! I totally understand the FIREWORKS sign looking like HOOTERS.