Just Heather
Day 2

On our second day, we visited MGM. I was the most excited about this because Brenia’s favorite cartoon is on Disney’s Playhouse. There was no JoJo to be found in April when we were at Disney, but now JoJo and her pet lion, Goliath, visit MGM daily. It was, of course, our first stop. Brenia didn’t quite know what to think of the little pet lion who turned out to be 6 feet tall. She loved seeing JoJo though.

My brother’s best friend, Jeremy, recently moved to Orlando. He came out to MGM to spend the day with us. That was cool as he’s always just been like another brother to me. We’re a close family so I know all my sibs closest friends pretty well. You can see below how happy he was to be with us (Jeremy on the left, my little bro on the right).

We took Stacia on Tower of Terror. That was a trip! In row 1 were Robbie, Jeremy, and Lexie. Spencer, Stacia and I sat right behind them. Every time light entered the ride, they would turn around to see how much Stacia was freaking out. She was terrified. I guess that’s why they call it Tower of Terror. If I had a scanner, I’d show you the ride photo. It is so hysterical. Spencer and I laughing (we’re such good parents), Stacia paralyzed with fear, and the entire front row turned around watching her!

3 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Me, Miss I Am Terrified of Heights, was coerced into going on Tower of Terror a few years back. I am still traumatized!

  2. She is so cute!!!! I love it there. I cant wait to go back.

  3. You would have to pay me a crapload of money to get me on that thing. No. Thank. You. But it does make me a little sad that you’re daughter is braver than I am. 😉