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Help! I can’t say no!

This has been a horrible week, and it’s all downhill from here. I get a stress headache every night, right about now. The only thing I consume before dinnertime each day is pure sugar because anything else would actually require me to sit down and eat. I stopped writing my to-do lists down because just looking at it on paper made me nauseous.

Still—go ahead and ask me to bake cookies. You know I won’t turn you down! I have this weird urge inside me to help. Plus, since my main occupation is Mom I feel like I have to volunteer for everything that’s lacking committee members. That’s why I’m Brownie Leader, Staff Appreciation Day committee, classroom party committee, and PTO member. I can’t seem to shut it off even for a second, and everybody knows this.

I don’t even volunteer any more. I just wait for people to call and say “we really need someone to _____, can you do it?” and then—since I’m an idiot—I say, “of course!” I’d make a list of all the crap I’ve committed myself to in the next two weeks, but I really don’t want an entire front page full of bullet points. Let’s just say it’s a lot and leave it at that.

Plus—somehow—it just occured to me that the legacy album I decided to do for hubby’s grandparents for Christmas was going to add to my workload. How did that knowledge elude me until now?

One Response to “Help! I can’t say no!”

  1. Ugh, I am the same way. Ask and you shall receive. Ummm , do you need me to anything for you off of your list?
    See? There I go again!