Just Heather
Don’t Blink!

I swear she is learning a new word every day. Just a few weeks ago, she only had a handful of words that were recognizable to anyone but me. Granted, I’m still the one who understands her best. She is two, after all, but the words are coming more frequently.

Yesterday she said Thank you for the first time. She also said I love you without prompting. She’s been repeating it for about a week, but this was different. She walked into the kitchen where I was fixing her lunch, stopped by me, said “wuvva” and walked off! I cried. A lot.

I seem to cry a lot these days (and, no, I’m not pregnant!) I bought her some adorable Carter’s jammies for her birthday. She chose to sleep in the “pwetty fowers” right away, and I cried when I tore off the tag. Their slogan gets me every, single time. “If they could just stay little ’til their Carters wear out.” I mean, really, is it too much to ask for her to stay little for just a few days past her birthday?

I know she can’t stay little forever, but somebody tell her she doesn’t have to grow up all at once. She doesn’t seem to be listening to me.

One Response to “Don’t Blink!”

  1. I love when they are little too….then they grow up and get fresh and dont need you as much. Enjoy her!!!