Just Heather
Today’s Randomness
  • “Santa loves venison” on a restaurant placard does not make me want to eat there. Instead, I have this creepy vision of Santa lounging by the fireplace with Rudolph’s head mounted above.
  • Muncie, Indiana may be a hell hole, but I still like to visit just so I can get on I-69 South to come home.
  • 69 Liquors is a really funny name for a store.
  • Papa Murphy’s pizza rocks—even if I do have to cook it myself.
  • From the bathtub, fireworks exploding from down the street sound a lot like my husband falling off his skateboard onto his ass.
  • Wearing pants that you grab from a stack of clothes needing returned because they were too small will make you so happy that you will not bother to yell at aforementioned hubby for not drying your jeans when you asked him very nicely.
  • This is very helpful if you already yelled at him for 11 minutes on the phone earlier in the day because he invited his mother to dinner.

4 Responses to “Today’s Randomness”


  2. Hah! Our dog’s name is Rudolph…and if he doesn’t stop eating my shoes, he’s gonna find himself mounted as well.

  3. Maybe Santa’s step-brother Bubba loves venison! What restaurant was this ate? Another strike against Indiana. We’ll never shake the hillbilly rep.

  4. I meant to say AT, not ATE. I swear I ain’t stewpid! I always gots real good lessins at the wun room skool house.