Just Heather
I know I should feel badly, but I don’t

Overheard on the phone between Stacia and her friend, Megan:

Megan: Can you come outside?
Stacia: I’m still grounded, which means no outside.
Megan: Well, I really need backup.
Stacia: What?
Megan: Back. Up. It means I need some help out here.
Stacia: Oh, well I can’t come out.
Megan: Zach (her brother) and Brad are being mean to me and I really need someone out there.
Stacia: Well, this is important so I’ll go ask my mom.

This is where I hang up and pretend like I didn’t already here the entire conversation. I also get to play Mean Mom as Stacia reprises her favorite role of Girl in Angst. Drama, drama, drama.

One Response to “I know I should feel badly, but I don’t”

  1. Yes, learning from a young age to pull the right strings!!!