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The Fashion Police

In all the madness of my Christmas drama, I completely forgot to relay fun bits from the holiday season. Today, I was putting on my new favorite sweater. The story surrounding it is nice and I am here to share.

My family and I get up the morning after Christmas, load into the car, and drive the 3 hours to my parents’ house. We were supposed to be there just long enough to drop off the dog and unload their presents before heading to my grandparents’ house. My little sister asks if we are opening our presents before we leave for lunch. Um, no. We have like 5 minutes.

“Oh. I really wanted to give you your present before we leave.”

Five minutes later, Hayley looks me up and down. “I really want to give your present now.”

“Ooh, new clothes!”

“I didn’t say that; I just can’t wait.” Right.

Enter my other sister. Hayley turns to her and says “Don’t you think I should give Heather her present now?”

Lexie looks me up and down.

“Fine. Just give me my present so I can change clothes for the fashion police.”

They insist I looked fine, but gave me my present anyway. It was a beautiful, soft off-white sweater. Which I was promptly instructed to put on even though I looked “fine.” Then we left for lunch with the family—chili.

You’re thinking this story ends badly, but—a true Christmas miracle—I did not spill anything! I was looking gorgeous when my grandfather announced we were each doing family pictures. That was when it was pointed out that we were all wearing the same sweater. Not the same sweater—because that would be difficult—but 3 different colors of a similar style.

Mom used to dress us alike when we were little. When did it become cool again?

3 Responses to “The Fashion Police”

  1. Cuteness! That is such a neat Christmas gift idea. In all our old family pics my sisters and I are dressed alike.

  2. Yup, I must admit I thought there was going to be a line or two about a big chili stain on the new sweater that had to be covered up by pinning on the bow from the giftwrap! Nice story!

  3. awww I think that is so nice! I used to dress my boys the same until they threatened to leave home. I should have taken them up on it..