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The Ties that Bind and Gag

My brother—bachelor playboy extraordinaire—is coming to dinner tonight. With his girlfriend. This will be the first girlfriend he has introduced to family since high school. Actually, this will be the first girlfriend he has ever introduced to me. Being only 3 years older—thus attending the same high school—I already knew them. I am unbelievably, stupidly nervous.

What if she doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like her? It could happen, you know. I don’t tend to like a lot of people. What if both of those things happen and my brother actually goes on to marry her? Then I’ll spend the rest of my life being jealous because she’s friends with my sister and I don’t get to have that kind of relationship with our sister-in-law.

Then my sister reminded me that we’re basically twins. She likes Leslie, so I’ll like Leslie. Leslie likes her, so there’s no way she won’t like me. Fine. Then the neurosis kicked in again. What if I really like her and I start thinking of her as a future sister-in-law? Then my stupid brother changes his mind about this whole girlfriend thing and dumps her? Where will that leave me?

All alone, 2 hours away, and jealous that my sister gets to spend time with our almost-sister-in-law, that’s where.

3 Responses to “The Ties that Bind and Gag”

  1. If she doesn’t like you she isn’t worth liking (I am sooo 12 at times!) You will be fine – what’s not to like??? More importantly, what’s for dinner?

  2. I second Debby – you rock far too hard for her to not like you.

  3. Aww… thanks, ladies! So much more supportive than my dear hubby’s comment: “holy crap you’re a neurotic freak”