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To know me is to love me

How’s this for a Valentine?


This is the IM I received last night from my littlest sister. Never mind the caps and the total lack of punctuation. This is the best Valentine. It’s especially meaningful to me because ours is the relationship I worry about the most.

Hayley was 7 when I moved out. Seven. That’s the age my daughter is now. It’s so weird to think of how young she was when I still lived at home. She is obviously a completely different person now, and I struggle to know her. Being a teenager makes her especially difficult to know (and love).

Okay, I’m just kidding about that part (mostly). No, really. I love her to pieces, but I want to know her as Hayley—not just the cute kid sister I had before I left. I’m working on it. I truly think she’s working on it. Maybe we’re getting there. I don’t know. I guess the first time I think, “oh, I can’t wait to call and tell Hayley” I’ll know we’re there.

2 Responses to “To know me is to love me”

  1. I agree with you.. those Valentines, the unexpected ones, are the best!