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The article about my brownie troop came out today. You can read it here. She used quotes from all 3 girls. They are a talkative bunch, and had some great things to say. They actually printed our entire collection list too. That’s something I couldn’t even get the school newsletter to do.

Now if only I can convince hubby to go out and buy 10 copies.

In other news news, the CBS producer finally got back to me. Things just keep coming up to bump our interview. Right now it’s his kiddos’ spring break. Ah, priorities. I’m just glad to hear he’s still interested. It looks like we’ll finally connect the first week of April.

Now to find a new pregnant-lady outfit since my new, hot power-suit no longer fits!

2 Responses to “Read all about it”

  1. 😀 Luv u 2!

    My local paper gave me 10 free copies because of the article they did on me. Won’t your local paper do the same?

  2. Yay! More shopping!!