Just Heather
Today’s Post a la Oprah

5 Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. Long toddler naps.
  2. Wendy’s employees who do not need a lesson on the fact that “ketchup only” is not equivalent to “extra ketchup.”
  3. Parents willing to travel 3 hours with chicken livers since I can’t seem to find them here.
  4. Yesterday’s triple coupon groceries are already put away courtesy of my new pantry door racks.
  5. And—as always—long, hot bubble baths.

3 Responses to “Today’s Post a la Oprah”

  1. chicken livers? they must REALLY love you 🙂

  2. Yummmmm bubble baths…

  3. hey, it’s been so long since i checked up on you – congratulations on the coming baby! things must be super exciting (and tiring) for you now. as i don’t have any kids of my own, i don’t have much advice (not that you’d need it) but maybe the one thing i can think of is that candied ginger is super helpful for pregnancy nausea. I’ve stored that little tidbit away as a valuable excu… er, piece of advice. Pregnancy nausea means unlimited candied ginger, yummmmm. 😀

    I’ll be checking up on you more often. 🙂 Take care! Hi Spencer!