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Full Feed

My kids are grazers. They eat pretty much nonstop. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack between each meal. These girls know no hunger. This was made clear last night with my 2-year-old’s first ever tummy ache. It was dinnertime, and she was crying “tummy hurt. tummy hurt.” The poor child was in tears, and Mommy and Daddy were clueless. Finally, I made her sit down with her dinner and told her to try to eat.

Pain gone. Hunger fed.

Apparently, when I sat pretzels down for the girls at snacktime Brenia thought it was funnier to dump hers upside down rather than eat them. Stacia, of course, never tells me she didn’t eat because that just means more for her. No snack=very hungry girl. I honestly think this was the first time since infancy that the child has felt hunger pains. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

2 Responses to “Full Feed”

  1. Hunger pangs? What’s that?

  2. I seem to have that same problem. Maybe it’s not the dryer that’s been making my pants tighter 😉