Just Heather
Don’t Wake Daddy

Spencer and I have an arrangement on the weekends. He gets up with the girls on Saturday; I wake up with the girls on Sunday. It is supposed to be nice and relaxing for the other parent to sleep in on their “day off.” Yet every Saturday goes exactly like this:

Brenia: Hi, Mommy.
Me: Go see your daddy.
Brenia: Daddy nigh-nigh.
Me: I know Daddy’s nigh-nigh. So is Mommy. Go wake your daddy.
Enter Stacia.
Stacia: Morning, Mommy.
Me: Get your daddy.
Stacia: Daddy’s asleep.
Me: So am I.
Stacia: No you’re not. I saw your eyes open.
Me: It’s Saturday. Daddy wakes up on Saturday.
Stacia: Come on, Brenia. Let’s go play in my room.
Me: Spencer, the girls are up.
Spencer: grrr. zzzzzzzzzzz

2 Responses to “Don’t Wake Daddy”

  1. “Closer” must have just knocked the heck out of him 🙂

  2. We just work hard at who can ignore the madness long enough. I always seem to win the battle too.