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Mostly Dead All Week

This week has just been awful, thus the lack of posting. I still don’t quite feel like updating so you’ll have to deal with bullets:

  • Monday we went to a funeral. Spencer’s great-grandmother passed away over the weekend. She was 94 and lived a full life. I was always amazed at what she was doing well into her 90s. She was a sweet lady who adored my children—always a plus in my book.
  • Spencer is still sick. They ran several blood tests earlier this week, but can’t figure it out. They now have him on Zithromax and it seems to be working. I’m thinking it was just a particularly difficult strand of strep throat and the first antibiotic didn’t kick it.
  • All morning sickness all the time—I won’t go into details except to say that’s pretty much why I don’t post much. Something on the second floor makes me sick so I stay downstairs.
  • So much for laundry.
  • My first Brownie field trip was postponed. There will be no hiking in the rain for me. The girls did surprisingly well for our indoor activities considering the disappointment factor.
  • Stacia’s first soccer game of the season is tomorrow. I was so glad to hear the weather has cleared. They tell us repeatedly “soccer is an all-weather sport” which pretty much means prepare to sit in the mud.
  • Brenia is now officially known as Naked Baby. She has a new thing with spontaneous shedding of clothing. She likes to be “nake” and I just don’t have the energy to fight it. At least I’ve gotten her to quit including the diaper.
  • CBS just called to say they weren’t finished editing due to another out-of-town news story. The segment has been pushed back to next Friday night. Now I get to go about the process of calling those who were planning to watch me tonight—which pretty much includes everyone I know and lots of people I don’t.

3 Responses to “Mostly Dead All Week”

  1. Gah! Now I can’t watch you at all! I’ll be in the car on my way to Florida 🙁 Ok, that’s not sad, but I’m bummed I’ll miss your moment of fame. Maybe I’ll make my gps tape it.

  2. sorry it’s been a tough week
    hang in there . . .

  3. Oh, and I’m sorry your week has sucked so badly. I’ve been told that Gilmore Girls can do wonders for a bad mood 😉