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The Village and The Idiot

There is just something about small towns. I was driving down the road yesterday when a firetruck passed on the other side. The windshield said “Protectors of the Village.”

As for this village, we’re definitely not missing our idiot. I had to sit for an hour Monday with Spencer while he had his hand/thumb x-rayed. He fell off his skateboard. In the house. At midnight. Then he comes to bed, says not a word, and goes to sleep. The next morning when I asked why he stayed home from work, he says “I think I hurt my hand.”

Think? You mean the swelling wasn’t confirmation?

They took 3 different x-rays and still can’t tell if it’s broken. The doctor splinted it and plans to take more x-rays next week to see if there is a healing line. Then they’ll cast it. I knew something like this would happen as soon as he bought that damn thing.

This is why I insisted on full protective gear which, of course, he won’t wear in the house because it’s not like he’ll get hurt on the carpet or anything. I love you, you idiot.

4 Responses to “The Village and The Idiot”

  1. I am totally not laughing at that . . . ok, yes I am. But only because I’ve done stupider things.

  2. Bah! It’s still fun, even though I suck. I suppose if I was any good it’d be quite boring. I just need to learn to not land on my hand(s).

  3. Yes, it’s confirmed: we of the ‘Y’ chromosome do odd things inside to entertain ourselves, sometimes at the risk of life and limb. Alas, I have a 2-year old son who is exhibitng a prediliction for goofy stunts.

  4. a person never seems to have their camera with them when they need it……hilarious!…oh yea..I’m back.