Just Heather
The Lost Recipe

No, I’m not talking about some ancient, secret, family recipe. I’m talking about my mom’s famous No-Bake Cookie recipe that I just can’t seem to hold onto. I’ve written it down—numerous times. Yet everytime I have a craving for them, the recipe is no where to be found. One night last month I called mom after midnight for it. Today I called her as she was putting her makeup on. She’ll probably be late for work, but my No-Bake Cookies are smelling good on the stove!

5 Responses to “The Lost Recipe”

  1. dare i suggest that you post the recipe on your website? then you will always be able to come back here and look it up… *grin*

  2. Oh, dang, I would give up my afternoon nap for some no bakes!!

  3. No-bake cookies? The kind with oatmeal and cocoa and peanut butter and butter and vanilla and sugar? I have a great recipe for those, do you still need one?

  4. Wait…if they’re no-bake, then how come they’re on the stove? Enquiring minds want to know.

  5. Oh do share..