Just Heather
Damn the Corporations

I just returned completely empty-handed from a 30-minute trip the grocery store for much needed milk, meat and produce. As I’m sure you all know, I buy nothing that isn’t on sale. So I spent my time walking through the store with a toddler gathering the bargains. I get to the checkout only to discover that my handy dandy Kroger Plus card is not attached to my keychain since it was loaned to my husband in order to save money on our Family Fun Day at Indiana Beach. The cashier says “I’m sorry.” So I politely asked if there was a store card she could swipe to get my discount.

“No, sorry. We don’t do that here.” Then she starts scanning my over-priced groceries. What?! Like I would pay full price for anything. She actually looked stunned when I told her I didn’t want any of it. Then she looked around completely clueless while I left my cart exactly where it was, gathered my munchkin and left the store, passing a manager who barely glanced my way much less noticed me as an extremely unsatisfied customer leaving without my groceries.

If I didn’t have a free $20 gift card to go back and get the stuff tomorrow, I would definitely not be Krogering any time soon. At least I can revel in the knowledge that they won’t actually see a penny of my money.