Just Heather
Did I say that out loud?

Since having children things come out of my mouth that just make me stop and say “what?!” Nevermind the all-too-obvious things we thought we’d never repeat from our parents:

  • I’m not [insert name here]’s mother!
  • Because I said so!
  • Don’t make me count to three young lady…

I’m talking about the things you would never comprehend as a sentence in your pre-parent days that just fly out of my mouth on a regular basis:

  • Who put the Froot Loops in the toilet?
  • Why is there toilet paper in the hallway?
  • Stop licking your sister!
  • Get your foot off the t.v. screen.
  • Don’t put your toes in your mouth!

There are some things about parenting you just can’t even begin to explain to someone without children.

One Response to “Did I say that out loud?”

  1. Yeah..that and “Those game pieces belong on the BOARD, not up your nose” have a familiar ring to them.