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Fruity Family

I buy fresh fruit constantly. My girls love it, as does Spencer when he remembers to actually eat it. Next to diapers, it’s probably my biggest grocery expense. I have my limitations though—I still won’t buy it unless it’s on sale.

We will sometimes have apples and oranges, sometimes bananas and strawberries, but there is always fresh fruit on hand. This week I hit the motherload—apples, peaches, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries were all on sale. I stocked up, thinking I’d be tossing fruit by Saturday. It’s nearly gone and we’re not even halfway through the week. These people are insatiable!

I’m not complaining—well, too much anyway. At least it’s healthy and not bogged down with sugar. Sugar is something my kids just can’t handle. They don completely different personalities and become these monster children I can’t believe I spawned. Fruit is sweet—but not too sweet. It’s good for you—but not so good that it’s really a vegetable. And it’s something the whole family really enjoys.

Now if only they’d let me eat some now and then. That’s what I get for being so picky as to demand clean food—there’s probably an entire bowl of fruit salad littering my kitchen floor.

2 Responses to “Fruity Family”

  1. We love fruit here too, but except for watermelon, I always end up tossing some out. Funny, that never happens with Twinkies..

  2. Fruit disappears way too quickly around here, I most bummed when we’re out of bananas. “Fruit salad, yumm, yummy.”