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Reading is Fundamental

I completely devoured 2 books this weekend—neither of which was the book the entire rest of the country devoured. I’m on my library’s waiting list for that one. They’ve got 10 copies and I’m 19 on a list of 30 or 40. If I don’t have it by next weekend I’ll pilfer a copy from one of my sisters. (BTW, sis…if you still have the 5 books you borrowed from me last year, I’m really tired of watching the others tip over in their empty space.)

For now, I read the first two books in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (the third is also on reserve). Teenage chic lit, sure, but I actually enjoyed them. I think she very accurately captures the kinship and emotions of teenage girls. I wanted to read this series for two reasons.

  1. My sisters have been after me to read them for months. I sometimes feel so disconnected from them—being 7 and 11 years older, and hours away—that I tend to grasp at things we can share. Books and movies are a big one.
  2. I wanted to see the movie, though my sisters didn’t wait for me to catch up. I have this thing about reading the book first when a movie has been made from it. The catch is, if I have read the book I usually end up hating the movie. It never turns out quite like I pictured it in my head.

2 Responses to “Reading is Fundamental”

  1. Every time I come here, and I come here every day, I like you better. I read the Pants books for the same reason you did: they were on some yahoo’s forbidden list, and that automatically makes them a must-read for me. I do love to read through the forbidden list; always did, always will.

  2. I’m with mamacita (so to speak) and you… if it gets them to read, why not?

    The blue noses/book banners are guilty of no imagination. Worse, they’re guilty of not giving kids enough credit for actually having minds.