Just Heather
Blessed Sleep

Yesterday I managed to “sleep in” a bit. I got up at 8:15. This is the exact same time I always get up, but usually the last hour consists of my lying in bed with my eyes squeezed shut trying desperately to ignore the pitter patter of little feet as they fly between bedrooms. I get the occasional burst-in of “Are you awake yet?” (NO!) and “Whachu dooning?” (Mommy’s still sleeping!)

On this day, the girls didn’t wake up until just after 8. It is amazing how refreshing and rejuvenating 1 extra hour can truly be—especially coming on the tail end of a kid-free weekend. It didn’t stop me from being flat out exhausted by noon, but it was nice nonetheless. At least someone else now knows just how exhausting my everyday life is.

A few Lexie quotes from the girls’ return after their 2-day visit:

  • I can’t believe how tired I am.
  • Do you know how early they got up?
  • I didn’t have a minute to myself all weekend.
  • I don’t even think I showered while they were there.

Welcome to my life!